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Private Reiki

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • Practitioner's Home|Sol Rio Studio|Client's Home

Service Description

The Reiki I do includes a combination of guided breath + meditation; I touch into the chakras and central energy channels, and do hands-on energy work as I channel Reiki. Sometimes I use singing bowls, rattles or drums. I really just open up to what your energetic body is guiding me to attend to at that time, along with the intention you set. Reiki itself is a universal life energy force (chi, prana, creative source) that exists in you as well as me and everything else on earth. Together, with presence and intention, we share this energy, and provide healing to our energetic bodies by activating our natural healing processes and restoring our well being. If done at the studio, our session is done on the Biomat which provides a little extra boost of healing energy!

Contact Details

  • Cutten Drive, Guerneville, CA, USA


  • Sol Rio Studio, Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville, CA, USA


  • Russian River, California, USA


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